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Tooth extractions keep your mouth healthy

Tooth extraction is effective in preventing a variety of dental issues. The procedure reduces crowding of your teeth as well as prevents wisdom teeth from becoming impacted. Additionally, it prevents decay and gum disease in the area around the wisdom tooth that is hard to clean.


How do I know if I need an extraction?

There are many various reasons why we would prescribe a tooth extraction. The most common is when a tooth is impacted, which stops it from growing in normally. This is often why we may recommend you for wisdom teeth removal.


Another reason for removal could be to make room in the mouth for proper tooth alignment. Most simply, it is needed when teeth are badly damaged and impossible to repair.

Stay healthy after the procedure

• Recovery lasts a few days

• Take painkillers as prescribed

• Bite gently on gauze to control bleeding

• Do not lie flat

• Relax, use ice packs, and eat soft foods

• Avoid the use of straws

• Rinse with salt water after the first day

• No smoking for at least 24 hours

Take advantage of our same-day service

No one likes waiting around when your tooth is giving you serious pain. Get your tooth pulled faster by turning to competent and caring  professionals designed to put your mind at ease,  We also offer SAME-day service! Visit us today and we'll make sure to get the job done.

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